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Our Mission

To create a work environment that offers stability, excitement, growth, a positive atmosphere, and success.

Our Values

We value teamwork, education, communication, reliability, honesty, respect, and support towards everyone.

Our Motto

We are a salon dedicated to empowering each other and our guests. Our goal is to create beautiful hair with trust, thoughtfulness, and care. After all, loving your hair is the only option!


As leaders, we believe in supporting you and helping you achieve the success you're looking for. We understand that success looks different to everyone. Whether you want to continue working as an employee, transition to booth rent, become an independent educator, or work in management, the sky is the limit here! Our goal is to build a team who shows up every day with commitment, grace, and passion. We continually educate ourselves in order to grow into the best possible leaders. We love this industry and are so excited for the future!

Love, Amber & Jess

Love Notes from the Team

I have had the honor of working at Amber René Salon for the past 5 years. Within that time, I have built strong relationships with my fellow stylists, learned new techniques in business and hair, and have felt valued and loved as an employee. I'm so thankful I was able to begin my career in a work environment that has promoted safety, learning, and freedom. 


I have worked here since we opened our doors. I have known Amber for over 30 years and I knew she would be an amazing business owner, which she most definitely is. Working here has been the greatest experience of my whole career. I love the friendships I have made here and we truly are a team. We share our knowledge and experience, teach each other, and cheer each other on. We are honestly a family and I'm so grateful for my salon family.


I have been in the industry for over 20 years and came to Amber René a couple of years ago. I chose Amber René because of the Google reviews, their presence on all of the social media platforms, and how darling the salon is. When I spoke with Amber, I just knew this would be my home salon. Amber René is very structured, with a great management team who all want you to succeed personally and professionally. We are dedicated to our guest experience, education, and to each other. I wish I would have found this salon at the beginning of my career!


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